Partners van Youply

Innovation Space

TU/e innovation Space is a community that develops and facilitates interdisciplinary hands-on challenge-based learning, engineering design and entrepreneurship. We offer a place where students learn to deal with complex societal and industrial challenges, develop innovative projects with researchers, businesses and other stakeholders. Furthermore, it provides a space and support for lecturers that develop and offer hands-on courses and want to contribute to innovation in education.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Small-scale, freedom of choice, innovative education and research in the smartest region of the world. If you join Eindhoven University of Technology, you step onto the campus of a small university with a big impact. A university where students and lecturers know each other on a first-name basis and work together on innovative projects with real-life significance.

van Haestrechtcollege

Het Van Haestrechtcollege maakt samen met de onderstaande scholen deel uit van OMO Scholengroep De Langstraat